Avoid Chimney Fires and More with a Camera Chimney Inspection

It’s that time of year when homeowners start calling in about chimney inspections. With visions of a warm and cozy fire in your fireplace this fall and winter, a chimney inspection is exceptionally important.

When it comes to chimney inspection technologies, a camera is one of the best choices for equipment. Though some home owners worry about the cost for a chimney inspection, all homeowners want to avoid issues such as chimney fires. This is why the best chimney service companies in Boston use video cameras during an inspection to perform high quality and fairly priced inspections.

A Better View Inside Your Chimney

One of the most prominent reasons for a camera chimney inspection is getting a better look inside. Even when using a flashlight, the chimney is a dark and often grimy place. It can be next to impossible to see any potential problems inside.

When a chimney camera is inside your chimney, it has a 360-degree view of the interior. It can help spot small cracks and damage that may otherwise be missed without a camera. If the damage is spotted, we can advise on the next best steps for repair.chimney

Ensuring Safety Standards

The camera will also help ensure that your chimney complies with safety standards. By using cameras, lights, and mirrors, a chimney company can confirm that the fireplace is ready for use. This includes discovering creosote buildup inside the chimney which can result in a chimney fire. The benefit of keeping your home and family safe heavily outweighs the cost for a chimney inspection.

Tile Gaps

During a camera chimney inspection, we look to make sure that your chimney is properly lined to the peak. Cracks and gaps can be found inside the flue, which won’t necessarily be found with a visual inspection. These gaps allow for smoke, heat and spark transfer in other areas of the home and can very dangerous. It is important that if you intend to use your fireplace, that you have a camera inspection done before use. Read about our other tips on preventing fires in  your home.

Get a Video Chimney Inspection from Boston’s Best Chimney

A video chimney inspection is important because it helps keep your family safe and ensure that there are no fire hazards looming. If you have yet to schedule your chimney inspection, get in touch with us now to book your appointment. Contact us now by calling 781-893-6611.

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