How long do chimneys last

How Long Do Chimneys Last? When to Have Your Chimney Rebuilt.

How Long Do Chimneys Last? When to Have Your Chimney Rebuilt. The Real Estate market is booming in New England and most are looking at homes with chimneys. Fireplaces add a charming look to any house and they provide warmth and a place to gather during the long winter months ... Read More »
The Importance of Waterproofing Your Chimney

The Importance of Waterproofing Your Chimney

Should I Waterproof My Chimney? Our customers often ask us “Should I waterproof my chimney?” The short answer to this question is “absolutely!” Waterproofing your chimney is a preventative measure that prolongs the life of the chimney’s masonry. As strong and sturdy as your chimney may be, it must withstand ... Read More »
How to clean birds nest out of chimney

How Do I Stop Birds from Coming Down My Chimney?

During the cold weather months, birds and other animals look for the perfect warm spot to nest. Unfortunately, many animals choose to nest in chimneys. By springtime, many homeowners are wondering “How do I stop birds from coming down my chimney year after year?” Luckily, you can prevent birds from ... Read More »
white on chimney brick

Why is my Chimney Turning White? The Causes of Efflorescence.

Is there white on the bricks of your chimney? Each Spring, we receive a large number of calls from people who are wondering why there is white on the bricks of their chimney. Many people think that it is the natural effect of an aging chimney, but want to check ... Read More »
can you burn magazines in a fireplace

What Not to Burn In Your Fireplace

The fireplace is crackling in your living room as you sit on the couch, polishing off a package of cookies and reading the last page of your favorite magazine. You get up to throw away the empty cookie package and recycle the magazine and then think, “Maybe I’ll just throw ... Read More »
Signs That You Need Chimney Masonry Repair

Signs That You Need Chimney Masonry Repair

Common Issues Addressed During Chimney Masonry Repair In addition to regular  chimney maintenance, we at Boston’s Best Chimney offer Chimney Masonry Repair Services. The warm weather months are the perfect time to turn your attention to any repairs that your chimney might need because during the cold winter months, it ... Read More »
turkeys on a chimney

Fight, Flight or Freeze: Mid-Season Care for your Chimney

Oh, New England! It's that time of year again: One minute we are cold and the next hot. While we alternate turning up the heat and opening windows, it's a good time to think about the past few months and the effect of the freeze-thaw cycle. As the last snow ... Read More »
How to remove glazed creosote from chimney

How to Remove Glazed Creosote from Your Chimney

What is Creosote? Creosote is a combination of wood particles and vapors that have dried to become semi-solid. It forms in chimneys as a result of incomplete combustion or because of too much moisture in the wood used for burning. Creosote is dangerous to breathe in and can cause chimney ... Read More »
how do i know if my chimney is blocked

How Do I Know if my Chimney is Blocked?

The Danger of a Blocked Chimney The purpose of your chimney is to rid your heating appliances or fireplace of harmful byproducts of burned fuel. If a chimney is blocked and unable to perform that duty, danger ensues. A blocked chimney is a threat to your safety because it can ... Read More »
tips for fireplace safety

Fireplace Warmth and Safety

How can we have both? Here we are in March.  We have been using our chimney and fireplace for months, and we still have a month or two of use ahead of us.  While we are amid high usage, it is imperative to keep in mind that our warm, cozy ... Read More »