Chimney Rebuild

When the mortar and brick have crumbled, a chimney rebuild is needed. Our chimney rebuilds include tear down of the existing structure and debris disposal of the old decayed brick. The chimney will then be built back up using new brick and mortar and finished with crown/wash.  Brick color, mortar color and decorative corbel style options can all be discussed to give your chimney a fresh new designer look.

chimney rebuild

Chimney Pointing

When a chimney is starting to deteriorate, but the bricks still appear in to be in good shape, chimney pointing may be your solution.  Pointing is when the mortar joints between the brick are partially ground out and filled back in with new mortar. The mortar in between the brick can become soft and crumbly even though the brick are still in tact, removing the old mortar and replacing, can add new life to the chimney, stop water leaks and save thousands in rebuilding costs.  After your chimney has been re-pointed, consider waterproofing to protect your investment.


Chimney bricks are like sponges! When water strikes the surface of the brick, it slowly penetrates to the interior, causes the brick to weaken, and eventually, crumble. To delay further damage, you can have your chimney waterproofed.  Boston’s Best Chimney offers professional grade waterproofing product that’s 100% vapor permeable, which allows the water vapors to escape instead of being trapped, which if left untreated, causes expedited spalling, scaling, deterioration, and freeze-thaw damage.

One of the best protections you can offer a newly repaired or rebuilt chimney is waterproofing. Be sure that waterproofing is part of any chimney repair!

chimney repair