best firewood for burning

Best Woods For Firewood? Let’s Discuss!

There's nothing like Fall in New England.  The beautiful colors of turning leaves and crisp cool nights by the fireplace.  Whether it's gathering around with friends or family or finding some quiet time to read, fireplaces are used as a meeting spot to unwind. There are two things you'll need ... Read More »
fireplace in sitting room

5 Fireplace Designs that Add Spark to Your Living Space

A fireplace serves as a focal point in your living room. Even fireplaces that are placed in areas such as bedrooms bring a big statement to the space. These fireplace transformations are surprisingly easy to do for a DIY project. You can find the items that you need at major ... Read More »
chimney sweep

Here’s Why Now is Prime Chimney Sweep Time!

Time to get ready for Fall! We hope you have enjoyed the summer and the beautiful weather we are having now! According to virtually every fire-safety agency in the United States, chimneys connected to wood-burning fireplaces need to be professionally inspected and cleaned, if necessary, on an annual basis. This ... Read More »
chimney rebuilding

Chimney Rebuilding vs. Re-Pointing: What’s the Difference?

Whether your chimney is crumbling from moisture damage or old age, it’s a significant problem that must be addressed. Two solutions to a damaged and crumbling chimney are repointing and rebuilding. Chimney masonry services can bring your chimney back into tip-top shape and save you from major headaches down the ... Read More »
chimney inspection

What is a Chimney Crown?

A chimney is built using numerous components, ensuring proper function and even beauty. One important piece of the chimney is the crown. The crown is a slab that covers the top of your chimney made from materials ranging from metal to stone or concrete. This is what you should know ... Read More »
painting your chimney

The Repercussions of Painting Your Chimney

Whether you were inspired by HGTV or you simply wanted a fresh look for your home, you may have painted your brick chimney at one point or another. While painting your chimney is a decorative upgrade to bring new personality to your curb appeal, the truth is that it can ... Read More »
chimney cap

Why Do You Need a Chimney Cap?

Your chimney is built using different components to help it function correctly and efficiently. While a chimney seems like a simple structure, leaving small elements out, such as a chimney cap, can result in several disadvantages. Before you decide to forego your chimney cap, keep the following considerations in mind: ... Read More »
chimney inspection

Summer Chimney Problems: What to Look For

In summer as much as in winter, chimneys should not be ignored because a lot can go wrong. Chimneys are highly vulnerable to moisture, and many other potential problems can occur. Summer is really the best time to call about chimney problems because you will beat the extremely busy fall scheduling! Just to help you know what ... Read More »
moisture in your chimney

4 Dangers of Moisture In Your Chimney

Spring showers might be wonderful for flowers in bloom, but it can forecast gloom for your chimney. In fact, having moisture in your chimney is a major danger sign for an array of issues. These are some of the most common dangers that you’ll find when moisture is lurking inside ... Read More »
painting your chimney

How to Freshen up the Look of Your Fireplace

Spring is here and you might be looking for ways to overhaul your home. The fireplace serves as a focal point in any home, whether you’re living in a historic Victorian home with multiple fireplaces or a Cape Cod with a single living room fireplace. The fireplace can set the ... Read More »
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