what is chimney venting

What Is Chimney Venting? Why Do We Need It?

Welcome to fall colors and temperatures! As our thoughts turn to get ready for the change of season and staying warm, it is important to think of safety and efficiency. We don’t expect you know the workings of your chimney or fireplace, so we wanted to touch upon probably the ... Read More »
gas insert

Thinking of Converting from Wood to Gas?

Here’s what you need to know Even though Labor Day has passed, it is still summer! You might be starting to think about installing a new fireplace or upgrading your old wood-burning fireplace. If you are, a gas fireplace is an excellent option to choose from. Fireplaces are known to ... Read More »
do i need a chimney cap

The Ultimate Chimney Cap Guide

Many people have questions on chimney caps. You may be wondering “Do I need a chimney cap?” or “How tall should a chimney cap be?” We will walk you through the most important facts you should know about chimney caps by answering commonly asked chimney cap questions. At Boston’s Best ... Read More »
when to sweep your chimney

When to Sweep Your Chimney

Have you ever wondered when to sweep your chimney? At Boston’s Best Chimney, we recommend getting your chimney inspected and  swept annually. Although you can get your chimney swept during any season, the summer is an especially good time to do so. Here are 5 reasons why: 1. Chimney companies ... Read More »
fireplace smells in the summer

Does Your Fireplace Smell in the Summer? Here is What to Do About It.

It’s the middle of the New England summer, and you probably have not thought much about your chimney. That is until you went to sit near your fireplace and noticed a musty, smoky odor. Offensive odors permeating from the chimney can linger through the whole house. It is one of ... Read More »
how to find a chimney company

How to Find a Chimney Sweep and Service Company: 5 Questions to Ask

If your home has a chimney, it is essential to keep up with its maintenance in order to keep it safe and working well. Though there are steps that you can take to keep up with your chimney’s maintenance on your own (check out our Homeowner’s Chimney Care Guide), it ... Read More »
fireplace and chimney maintenance

Off-Season Fireplace and Chimney Maintenance and Use: Six Important Steps

Greetings, We hope you had a great holiday weekend! As there is not much use for a fireplace in the summer, we are sure you were not thinking about your fireplace or chimney. There are, however, some important steps that we recommend ensuring that you are ready when cold weather ... Read More »
fireplace and chimney maintenance

Chimney Care Guide: How to Stay Ahead of Your Fireplace and Chimney Maintenance

Chimney Maintenance may seem daunting. Though having a properly working chimney is important, it does not need to be intimidating. By taking care of some tasks on your own and leaving others, such as chimney sweeps and inspections, to professionals, you can feel confident that your chimney is secure and ... Read More »
fireplace adding value to a home

Does a Fireplace Add Value to a Home?

According to a National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) survey, 48% of homes in New England have at least one fireplace. Do fireplaces increase a home’s value, though? In an Angie’s List study over 70% of real estate agents said that they see a home value increase in houses containing ... Read More »
anatomy of a fireplace

How Does a Chimney Work?

Chimneys are needed for not only fireplaces, but also for anything that burns coal, oil, wood, or gas. A chimney’s purpose is to remove carbon dioxide and other byproduct gases from the air. Having a chimney that properly works is essential to your safety. The Chimney Safety Institute of America ... Read More »
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