get a chimney cleaning for chimney care

Why You Need a Chimney Cleaning

Having your chimney swept and inspected annually is an important measure to take if you are a homeowner. Though it can be easy to ignore what you do not see, basic chimney care is essential to keeping your home safe and your chimney in working order. Do you live in ... Read More »
do i need a chimney liner

What is a Chimney Liner? Do I Need a Chimney Liner?

Welcome to 2021. We hope this new year brings great health, and harmony to your homes. Our dedication is to provide you with fireplace, chimney, and masonry knowledge as well as the highest integrity service. The intent of our monthly newsletter is to keep you up to date with the ... Read More »
ice dams

Why Ice Dams are Dangerous for Your Chimney

At Boston’s Best Chimney, our priority is to keep our customers safe by ensuring that their chimneys are in working order. Do you need roof snow removal, chimney repairs, or a chimney inspection? Click here or call (781) 893-6611 to contact us today. Now, we’ll discuss ice dams, why they ... Read More »
Season’s Greetings

Season’s Greetings

Is My Chimney Cap Still There and Why Do I Need It? Our New England weather and Nor’easters seem to be bringing high winds lately, so much so, that we have been receiving many calls about blown off chimney caps!  The chimney cap's job is to keep moisture, debris, and ... Read More »
what to do if your chimney smells

Does Your Chimney Smell? Winter Chimney Odor Issues.

Does your chimney smell bad? During the winter, we all want our fireplaces to be warm and cozy gathering places. The last thing that anyone wants is to smell a bad odor when gathering around their fireplace. Today, we’ll explore reasons that chimneys begin to smell during the winter and ... Read More »
avoid cold air coming through your fireplace

Common Winter Chimney Problems

Harsh New England winters are known to take a toll on chimneys. As you gear up for the rain, snow, and below freezing temperatures that the winter months will bring, take some time to learn about common winter chimney problems. From cold air coming in through your fireplace to animal ... Read More »
chimney repointing

When Do I Need Chimney Repointing Services?

What is Chimney Repointing? When a chimney is beginning to deteriorate but the bricks are still in good condition, chimney repointing may be the best solution. Chimney repointing is when we partially grind out the mortar joints between the bricks of a chimney and fill them in again with new ... Read More »
holiday chimney safety

Thanksgiving Greetings for a Safe and Warm Holiday – Safety Tips as you Decorate for the Holidays

We want to take a moment to let you know how thankful we are to have customers and colleagues like you. We wish you and your family nothing but the best this Thanksgiving and throughout the holiday season. As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, many of us turn our attention to ... Read More »
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How to Prepare Your Chimney for Winter

As people social distance this winter, they will be spending more time than usual at home. Having a working fireplace can make time spent inside cozy and comfortable. Whether you use your chimney all of the time or you are using it for the first time in several years, we ... Read More »
guide to chimney flashing repair

Chimney Flashing Repair & More

Having your chimney flashing checked should be a part of your annual chimney inspection. Properly working flashing goes a long way in keeping your chimney in proper working order and in keeping moisture out of your home. We will discuss what chimney flashing does, signs that you might need your ... Read More »