Why Do You Need a Chimney Cap?

Your chimney is built using different components to help it function correctly and efficiently. While a chimney seems like a simple structure, leaving small elements out, such as a chimney cap, can result in several disadvantages. Before you decide to forego your chimney cap, keep the following considerations in mind: Prevent Water from Entering Your… Continue reading

Fireplace and Chimney Issues to Look For

FACT: NOT ALL FIREBOXES ARE THE SAME. The firebox is the area where the logs are placed when building a fire. This area surrounds the flames and is made with firebricks and a high heat cement mixture called refractory mortar. Not all fireboxes are built with the correct firebricks or heat resistant plaster, and that… Continue reading

Safety Tips for Lighting A Fire

Lighting a fire in a fireplace is usually an easy task. Because of this, we may forget a few key steps in the process that might help us enjoy the fire better. What could have been a nice night by the fire can easily become a smoke-filled disaster. Here is a recommended method that if… Continue reading