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Fire Safety Checklist for Homeowners for Fire Safety Month

According to the National Fire Protection Association, seven people die every day from home fires – taking more lives each year than all other natural disasters in the U.S. Fire Prevention Month helps educate families about the dangers of fires, how easy it can be for fires to start, and how much easier it can be to prevent them. With the help of our fire safety checklist and some home fire safety equipment, you can learn about how to prevent the danger of fire.

This October, we invite you to learn about better ways to prevent fires, including methods such as inspecting your heat sources, maintain your electrical cords, and updating your smoke alarms.

happy family with dogWe suggest that every household establish a family emergency action plan, discuss escape routes with family members, and locate fire extinguishers in your home. Additionally, you can conduct a mock fire drill with your family members to ensure you and your loved ones know how to get out safely. During this drill, outline meeting places that are at a safe distance from the home. Designate a neighbor to contact for help in the event of an emergency.

Simple exercises such as these could mean the difference-maker in your family, even making it out alive in the event of a fire in your home.

Fire safety awareness in the workplace is crucial as well. Review your emergency action plan, communicate supervisory roles, and walk evacuation routes with your team. October is the perfect time to conduct a fire drill before a real-life event occurs. Ensure nobody is left behind, and all are in tune with the life safety route!

Here are the critical components to ensuring your home and workplace are fireproof:

Eliminate Clutter

Clutter can easily become a fuel source in the event of a fire, allowing a fire to spread quickly. Furthermore, clutter can restrict access to emergency equipment and exit routes.

Inspect your Fireplace and Heating flue

Third-degree creosote buildup is highly flammable. Regular maintenance on your chimney and flue is imperative for fireplace and heating exhaust venting.

Designate Smoking Areas

Permit smoking only in designated smoking areas and provide means for extinguishing smoking materials safely.

Fire Extinguishers

Maintain the appropriate type and number of fire extinguishers. Conduct monthly and annual extinguisher inspections to ensure they are in good, working condition. Provide training for employees on the correct use of fire extinguishers. Along with making sure your office is up to code, make sure to have the right home fire safety equipment as well.

home fire safety equipment

Chemical Safety

Use and store chemicals safely. Read hazard warning labels and safety data sheets to determine flammability and other fire hazards. Ensure your chemical storage areas provide adequate ventilation for the storage of chemicals or other hazardous substances.

Waste Control & Storage

Limit the accumulation of flammable or combustible materials and residues to prevent the risk of such materials contributing to a fire emergency.

Contact Information

evacuation planHome and work should have access to a list of emergency contact phone numbers in case of emergency. Remember that human nature is to panic in emergencies; therefore, basics such as important phone numbers and building floor plans should be posted on or with the emergency action plan.

We want to remind you to test your smoke detectors to be sure they’re functioning properly.

Try to remember to test your smoke detectors monthly and replace them accordingly. Be sure to check the expiration date! They should be changed out immediately if they have expired.

It is much better to be proactive rather than reactive, and it is best to put these preventive tactics in place now and not end up in crisis mode. One way to avoid danger is to learn how to safely light a fire. Read our blog post about safety tips when lighting a fire to minimize the risk of an unwanted fire.

Wishing you safety and warmth,

The Team at Boston’s Best

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