Putting Your Home Up For Sale?

Thinking of selling your home soon?
Getting your home ready to put on the market may be an overwhelming thought.  A fresh coat paint, fix that leaky faucet, maybe even a new roof to entice buyers, but often maintenance or even upgrading your fireplace(s) or heating system flues are overlooked.
This is why it’s important to add it to the list…
Knowledge is Power
Knowing the condition of your fireplace before you list will offer peace of mind that there will be no chimney related surprises during the home inspection that can potentially hold up the P & S.
Having a fireplace is one thing, having a working fireplace is another.  Let’s face it, more and more people are looking for turn-key.  Boston (and suburbs) is charming, but that also means old. Providing documentation that that fireplace was not neglected during the remodel is very impressive with potential buyers.
Peace of Mind
Heating with oil or gas?  Most likely the heating system vents through the chimney. Put those buyer’s minds at ease that the chimney was upgraded to exhaust those fumes up and out and not back into the living area.  Impressed yet?
Already made those upgrades but can’t find the documents?
Noooo problem.  A level 2 inspection offers written AND video documentation that you can pass along.

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