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What Spring Cleaning Means for your Chimney and Fireplace

When you look at a chimney, you don’t always see the signs of wear and tear. You may see a little erosion on your chimney’s outdoor brick sides, but you probably can’t see any of the most common issues that occur on the inside.  After years in business, we at Boston Best Chimney have seen it all!
Here are some of the reasons why we urge you to undergo regular chimney inspections:
Cracks & Holes Can Form
Corrosive flue gasses and soot can expedite deterioration on the inside lining of your chimney if gone untreated. When the lining of your chimney is compromised, these areas can allow for dangerous gases, including smoke and carbon monoxide, to enter your home.  Being proactive and maintaining a regular inspection and sweeping schedule can help slow this deterioration down. Yearly professional chimney inspections will determine whether relining is necessary.
Creosote Can Build Up
Creosote — a natural byproduct of burning wood — and soot can build up in regularly used chimneys and fireplaces, which can cause a fire or health problems. The best way to prevent toxic substances from forming is to regularly have a chimney swept by professionals.
Reduce Summer Odors
Any leftover debris can smell bad.  This is especially true when summer’s humidity hits and the air conditioning is running. The AC pulls the air from the room and can cause a downdraft in the fireplace, drawing in all that normally stagnant air into the living space.  Deodorizing and sweeping the chimney can help lessen the odors permeating from the flue.
Chimney Cap Inspection or Installation
Flues that are not in use make great places to call home for animals like squirrels, birds, bats and raccoons, because it offers some relief from weather and added protection from predators. Raccoons will keep their babies in chimneys until they’re ready for the outside. Baby raccoons “chirp” almost like baby birds when hungry. The mother will go in and out and bring food back for her little ones. Squirrels tend to make their stay a little more permanent, building long-term nests, if you let them. A chimney professional will inspect the flue to look for debris and any potential entry points for animals.
Now that you can get your heat from the sun, let’s get your chimney and fireplace ready for when you need them again!
At Boston Best Chimney, we specialize in chimney cleaning services all year long.  Whether you need your fireplace or heating flue swept in the dead of winter or the dog days of summer, we have you covered. Schedule your cleaning now!

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