Drone Inspection

Coming Soon!

Drone inspections are going to be taking the commercial inspection field by storm! With the assistance of an unmanned aerial vehicle, we will have the ability to collect data and high definition photos of once inaccessible areas without extensive staging or man lifts.  Drones inspections will give us the ability to reduce cost, improve safety, save time and lower risk to our staff.

Boston’s Best Chimney is currently working on securing the proper licenses to conduct these inspections.


Large commercial boilers require special vents.  Boston’s Best Chimney can supply and install the vertical venting, either inside an existing masonry chimney or stack, or though a separate stack, as well as the lateral venting or breeching.  PVC or polypropylene venting can also be installed for approved condensing boilers through a vertical vent if the chimney allows.

Led by Matthew, our commercial team has extensive experience working with various engineers, plumbers, fuel companies and contractors to complete the project on budget and on time.

Commercial Sweeping

Large flue and increased footage, bring it on!

Each flue sweeping needs to be approached cautiously, and commercial flue sweepings are no exception.  We carefully evaluate each project and develop an individualized plan for approach, with dust control as our main priority.

chimney stacks

Stack Repair / Replacement

Old corroded unsightly chimney stacks are getting a fresh new look.  Repair or replacement for chimney stacks can be done on their own due to decay or external damage or in conjunction with a boiler replacement to re-size the diameter. Either way, Boston’s Best chimney has the ability to carry the installation or repair project from the planning stage to conclusion as quick and easy as possible.