Problems with Breeching Pipe

Does your breeching pipe look like this?
If so, it needs replacement! 

What is it?

Breeching pipe is the exhaust duct that leads from your oil or gas fired furnace, boiler, or water heater to the stack or masonry chimney. You commonly see breeching pipe in your basement, in a residential single family home, or boiler room, in a multi-unit building/commercial building.

Why is it important?

It is the first leg of an important journey of carrying exhaust up and out, it needs to be intact and properly pitched.  Sadly, this portion of venting is frequently overlooked.  There are too many times that an inspection will find improperly sized, misrouted, or even pipe that’s too close to combustible materials by running alongside wooden beams, drywall or possessions.
The good news; It can be fixed!
If your breeching pipe looks like it is in need of repair or replacement,  call Boston’s Best Chimney today for an evaluation.

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