Heating with Oil or Gas

Heat with Oil or Gas?
A question we always ask when scheduling an appointment is, “how do you heat your home?”  Usually get, “we heat by oil/gas, but our furnace has already been serviced.”  Although that may be true, typically an oil/gas technician comes out to clean your furnace and does not clean or service the furnace flue.  Likewise, Boston’s Best Chimney does not perform services of the actual appliance itself.
What is a flue, you may be asking yourself?
A flue is the tunnel, or passageway, that is inside the chimney.  Flues were designed to carry exhaust gases from a heating appliance or fireplace up and out of your home.  Think of it like an exhaust in a car.
Heat with oil?
Oil produces soot.  It can be anywhere from light fly ash, to the deep, rich, wet stuff.  This soot tends to build up along the way it’s trek up and out. We recommend getting your oil furnace flue(s) inspected annually and swept, when necessary.
Heat with gas?
Gas produces condensation. When you heat your home with a gas furnace it tends to burn fairly clean so a annual sweeping is not always needed.  Boston’s Best Chimney still recommends having your gas furnace flue(s) inspected annually and swept, when necessary.
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