Reminder About Chimney Companies

Boston’s Best Chimney had done a blog post back on back November 2, 2013, about how to choose a reputable chimney company.
Sadly, since that post, Boston’s Best Chimney ended up pulling out (2) separate flue liners and replacing them because they were not installed properly by another company.
Although we always recommend calling whom ever installed the liners for them to make it right, in these particular cases, these company’s telephone numbers are out of service and the companies are no where to be found.
It is extremely important when looking to find a chimney technician in your area that they have the knowledge and credentials to not only install a proper sized liner, but to also perform a detailed visual and/or camera inspection prior to installing said liner.
A liner that is not installed properly can cause carbon monoxide to enter the living area, chimney fires, a extreme smell of oil, or even soot backing up puffing back into your home.
Remember carbon monoxide is colorless and odorless so be sure to have check your Carbon Monoxide Detectors to make sure it’s functioning properly.
Read more about smoke detectors and Carbon Monoxide Detectors here.

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