Gas Logs

gas-log-fireplaceWhy not gas logs?
I know there is a stipulation about people that burn gas in their fireplace.
There’s nothing like a true wood burning fire. The sight, the sound, the smell compares to no other comfort feeling out there.
I know this because I used to be one of them, until…
The home I moved into a year ago has a gas log set. I snubbed my nose at it immediately. No true burner, especially one that calls the chimney business their profession, chooses gas as a fireplace option. The feeling is engrained in you from when you were a little kid and you watched your dad start a fire in the fireplace when the power went out.
As I sit here with my family on this snow day, I feel like perhaps I have been wrong. My daughter is curled up on the floor next to the fire like I did when I was little. My youngest next to me doing a puzzle and gabbing away about new snowman buddy we just built in the back yard. I was able to create that same cozy feeling for my family with zero effort.
Gas logs are an excellent option for those that don’t want the work or hassle of brining in the wood, cleaning up all the wood dropping from the side door to the hearth, and where did I put that old newspaper again?
There’s no way around it, gas is a lot easier, and lets be honest, cleaner and better for the environment. Groups like the American Lung Association are discouraging persons with COPD, asthma and other lung related illnesses to swap out wood burning for a more efficient option.
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