Chimney Companies

Think all chimney companies are the same?
They’re not.
There are so many choices out there when it comes to home service companies.  Some are great, some, not so much.
Choosing a company should not be taking lightly especially when you’re inviting them into your home.
With an overload of information right at your fingertips, this task should be easy…. right?
Not always, and who really has the time?  There are a few quick questions you can ask to make sure you’re getting one of the good guys.
Are you insured?  Anyone can say yes, but can they provide you with a valid certificate of insurance for general liability and worker’s comp?
How long have you been in business?  It is not easy to start and maintain a small business in the land of superstores and monopolies. Longevity speaks volumes.  You don’t get to stick around in a competitive market if your doing lousy work.
Are you a registered Home Improvement Contractor in Massachusetts?  You can also check through the office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulations.
Another thing to consider is;
Did you call them, or did they call you?  Is someone going to be in your “area” and can offer you $59 sweepings?  If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is.  Scam artists sometimes lure homeowners with sales pitches, phone solicitations, and/or ads offering extremely low prices.  Once they get into you home, they may use scare tactics and untruthfully claim expensive repairs.  It’s sad, but it happens.
Calling a chimney sweep should not be an intimidating experience.  You should feel comfortable enough to ask questions and have a good grasp on procedure before you hang up the phone.
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