Squirrels in Your Chimney

Squirrels can live inside your chimney flue and nest. Squirrels are great climbers and often use a chimney flue for a place to call home.
If you don’t have a chimney cap, you could have visitors! It’s very common in urban areas for squirrels to use nearby trees to gain access to roofs looking for a good place to set up camp.
Why not an open chimney flue?
The photo you see above is of a squirrel’s nest inside a gas furnace flue. We were called out to the property because the homeowner’s heat kept on shutting down due to poor draft. The flue was fully obstructed! (can you see the little bugger hiding?).
If you hear any noises inside your flue, and you think you have an animal in there, it’s more than likely a squirrel or even raccoon has taken residence inside your chimney. If your chimney does not have a rain cap call Boston’s Best Chimney today for an estimate!