Masonry Work and Weather

On a hot summer day your chimney may be the last thing you’re thinking about, but when the cold New England weather hits in the late Fall, you may start finding yourself wondering if your chimney will make it another winter season.

The down side to not paying close attention to your chimney during the spring and summer months is that if your chimney does in fact need masonry repair, the winter is not a great time to actually have this done. In order for mortar to cure properly the weather outside does need to be a steady 40°F or above. Can masonry repair still be done in the winter? Sure, there are chemical additives that can be used, however, if you want the mortar to reach it’s full strength and get the most out of your investment, the best time to do masonry repair is in the spring or summer.
With the winter finally winding down here in New England, today may be a great day to go outside and look at the exterior of your chimney. If you see loose brick or mortar missing, it may be time to give that chimney some good ol’ fashioned TLC.
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