Is Your Chimney Stinky?

Smelly ChimneyEver wonder why you get more of a smoky smell in the summer than in the winter when the fireplace is actually in use? 
It could be your air conditioning.  When you run any mechanical device inside your home it will impact the natural flow of the house, but we get most of these complaints once the ACs start running.  The fireplace is the logical place to pull fresh air from because it has direct access to the outside.  Humidity also plays a role in all this.  The moisture in the air combines with the soot in the chimney and creates a potent recipe for fireplace odor.
You don’t have to live with this!  Sweeping your flue is the first step to help alleviate this issue.   Removing the soot out of the equation will always help, but for those really stubborn odor issues,  we have other tricks and recommendations to get your home back as a place you want to be.
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