4 Common Signs that Your Chimney Needs Repairing

After a cold and long winter, you might be pondering the home improvements that need addressing this season. It’s easy to overlook your chimney, but writing it off of your home maintenance checklist can lead to major costly problems. These are the 4 signs that your chimney is in need of repair.

Sign #1: White Stains on the Chimney

chimney repairOtherwise known as efflorescence, it’s a white stain that appears across the brick of a chimney. This is a sign of excess moisture within the masonry. Once efflorescence appears, you won’t want to wait around to get a chimney inspection. This is because moisture and even mold can build up in the chimney. With cold and wet winters and damp springs here in Boston, make it a priority to call for a chimney inspection if you spot white staining.

Sign #2: Spalling

Spalling is a definite calling that you need a chimney repair. It’s also a common problem that arises after winter weather, as one of the causes is the freeze and thaw cycle. Damaging winds, hail, sleet, and snow can eat away at the surface of the chimney and leave you with a deteriorating structure.

Spalling occurs when chunks of brick begin to pop and fall off the chimney. At first glance, homeowners might believe it’s just cosmetic. It can also look like cracks, holes, and small missing pieces from the brick. This is more prevalent in older homes. The issue also requires immediate assistance from a masonry professional.

Sign #3: Cracks in the Flue

Chimney lining undergoes a lot of heat and stress, which can lead to potential repair work depending on the material. Clay tiles eventually break down requiring replacement with a more durable material like stainless steel. A damaged flue can be dangerous. It runs the risk of possibly collapsing causing a blockage or flue gas transfer into the home.  The passageway should be free and clear of defects to carry combustion products up and out.

Sign #4: Damaged Chimney Crown

This is a masonry slab that sits on top of the highest point of the bricks on your chimney. A proper crown is designed with a slope to allow water to run onto the roof instead of inside of your home. Unless you are on the roof, you might not be able to spot a damaged chimney crown. A formal chimney inspection will detect existing or potential crown related issues. chimney repair

Expert Chimney Inspection and Repair

If you have yet to inquire about your annual chimney inspection, the Spring is a great time to have this done. We offer services ranging from chimney repair & rebuild to chimney pointing and waterproofing. Contact us for residential and commercial chimney services at 781-893-6611.

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