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3 Things You Need to Know About Your Spring Chimney Sweep

Now that spring is here, many Boston homeowners are thinking about their next home improvements. One of those improvements on your checklist should be a spring chimney sweep.

Here are some important things to know about your Boston chimney sweep in 2020:

1. You Can Get No-Contact Estimates

First, it’s important to address the COVID-19 situation as of the spring of 2020. The CDC strongly recommends social distancing, and Best Chimney is offering no-contact estimates for your springtime chimney sweep.

This means you may be able to keep your scheduled appointment with us or schedule a new estimate as needed.

2. Tend to the Heating Flues

Did you know there may be a secondary flue (tunnel) that connects to your chimney? One comes from your fireplace, but you may also have a second flue that connects to the furnace/boiler.

Even if you didn’t light a fire in your chimney this year, it’s still important to check the flues for combustible deposits. Hot gases from the boiler can also cool too quickly, causing it to condense and drip back down into the flue. This can turn dangerous especially if it lets off carbon monoxide—a poisonous gas that can cause sickness to people in your home.

You might think that your HVAC company would handle this issue, but most of the time, they do not inspect the chimney. This means that a potentially dangerous situation can go undetected.

3. Check for Sound Brickwork

Even though the winter was relatively mild here in Boston, temperatures still got cold enough to activate the freeze and thaw cycle. This cycle can cause bricks to crack or crumble allowing water to enter the home. The mortar may also loosen, which compromises the structural integrity of the chimney.

Get Your Spring Chimney Repairs from Best Chimney

For your safety, we are offering no-contact estimates! Please contact us to learn more and get scheduled for your spring chimney sweep.

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