Smoke Chamber Repair

Last week we talked about smoke chambers and what they are.  This week lets talk about why you may need repair.

Why You Need Repair

To protect the integrity and efficiency of your fireplace, the smoke chamber should be free of any gaps, cracks, or jagged edges. This area should be parged smooth with an insulating, high-temperature mortar to fill any gaps and smooth out any jagged edges.  Flaking or no parging and holes are commonly found during routine inspections.  Using a fireplace that is in need of smoke chamber repair can pose a fire hazard to the surrounding areas.

Signs You May Need Repair

Smoke coming back into the room-  Smoke coming back into the room during a fire is a good indicator that there may be something wrong with the smoke chamber whether it’s poor design or gaps.
Smoke showing up in other rooms – Voids in the smoke chamber will allow smoke to exit the chimney system and enter other areas of the house.

How To Repair

Here at BBC we use a material called Smoktite or high heat cement. Smoktite is a highly insulative ceramic product that is used to seal, smooth and insulate chimney smoke chambers without removing the damper frame or adjacent brickwork. Smoktite sprays on to seal the surface with a durable ceramic coating and is resistant to acids, vapors, and water.
Think you may need smoke chamber repair?  Call Boston’s Best Chimney for an inspection!

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