Why Do You Need a Chimney Cap?

Your chimney is built using different components to help it function correctly and efficiently. While a chimney seems like a simple structure, leaving small elements out, such as a chimney cap, can result in several disadvantages. Before you decide to forego your chimney cap, keep the following considerations in mind: Prevent Water from Entering Your… Continue reading

4 Dangers of Moisture In Your Chimney

Spring showers might be wonderful for flowers in bloom, but it can forecast gloom for your chimney. In fact, having moisture in your chimney is a major danger sign for an array of issues. These are some of the most common dangers that you’ll find when moisture is lurking inside of your chimney. Danger #1:… Continue reading

4 Common Signs that Your Chimney Needs Repairing

After a cold and long winter, you might be pondering the home improvements that need addressing this season. It’s easy to overlook your chimney, but writing it off of your home maintenance checklist can lead to major costly problems. These are the 4 signs that your chimney is in need of repair. Sign #1: White… Continue reading

chimney sweep

What Does a Chimney Sweep Do?

Chimney sweeping is one of the oldest professions here in Massachusetts. It was once one of the most difficult and hazardous jobs, although modern technologies have made the process much more efficient and safer---but no less dirty. In fact, chimney sweeping was featured on the show Dirty Jobs on Discovery Channel, giving you a glimpse… Continue reading

winter maintenance

Winter Building Maintenance

Basements and attics are bad environments for foundations, support columns, and chimneys: Any exposed masonry in basements and attics tend to decay faster than any other area, including the outdoors. With them being out of sight out of mind you probably don’t even know it! The reason is due to the atmosphere in these areas:… Continue reading

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